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Asado Brasero - Fire Pit

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Steel Brasero wood burning basket

Elevate your grilling tradition with our Australian Made Brasero, a cornerstone of authentic South American barbecue. This indispensable tool is expertly designed to hold and burn wood, allowing it to transform into rich, glowing embers. There is a 10cm gap below that allows airflow and embers to fall, to be then raked directly beneath the grates of a Parrilla. Pefect also for use with an Asado Cross, providing a controlled, consistent cooking heat essential for the perfect asado experience.

Crafted for durability and functionality, our Brasero not only ensures an even solid hardwood burn for optimal ember production but also enhances the flavor of your meat with a natural, smoky essence coming from the flames. It promotes efficient air circulation, ensuring complete wood combustion and maximum heat from less fuel. Whether you're slow-cooking a whole lamb on an Asado Cross or searing juicy steaks on the Parrilla, our Brasero gives you precise heat control, making it an essential tool for both novice grillers and seasoned asado aficionados.

This Brasero is not just a BBQ accessory for either Parrilla or Argentinian Cross but a pivotal element of traditional Argentine grilling, bringing the art of the asado right to your backyard.

Weighs 3kg and made in mild steel.

48cm long x 37cm wide at the top. Feet raises the base by 10cm.

Height is 29cm


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