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Charcoal Skewer Grill 100cm Long Portable BBQ

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Grill Tecnoroast TRO-100 Charcoal Skewer Grill | Holds 40-45 Short Skewers | Portable BBQ

The Tecnoroast TRO-100 Charcoal Skewer Grill is a home-sized, commercial-grade stainless steel grill, perfect for grilling up to 40-45 thin style skewers simultaneously. Designed for outdoor use, it’s ideal for Malaysian Satay, French Brochettes, Greek Souvlaki, and Italian Arrosticini.

This 100cm long grill is portable, with easily removable legs for quick setup and storage. Use natural wood charcoal to impart an authentic aromatic BBQ flavor to your skewers.

Key Features:

  • Durable Stainless Steel: High-quality Premium Design for standing height grilling.
  • Charcoal-Fueled: Provides an authentic, rich BBQ flavor profile to skewered foods.
  • Portable Design: Easy to assemble, disassemble, transport and store.
  • Perfect for Short Bamboo or Metal Skewers: Specifically designed for 20-25cm long skewers.
  • Made in Italy: Authentic Italian product.


  • 100cm Long x 11.5cm Wide grilling area.
  • Grill body and legs made in Stainless Steel.
  • Standing heigh BBQ 1m tall. No more bending over a grill.
  • Legs have a single bolt fastener for quick setup and pack down.
  • Side carry handles built in the design for convienience.
  • Removable Internal charcoal grid to keep charcoal above the ashes and for airflow.
  • Model number TRO-100

Its recommended to use 20-25cm long bamboo or metal skewers with approximately 10cm of skewered food in the lenght, starting 1cm away from the tip of the skewer.

Skewers should be around 1.4cm to 1.8cm in thickness and may cook between 6-8mins for each batch - if thicker skewers are used, then the more time it will take to grill.

For Outdoor use as it requires ventilation when in used in an enclosed space.

Do not used during a total fire ban.

Arrosticini Grilling Method:

Grilling Arrosticini originated in Italy's Abruzzo region near the Adriatic Sea. Cube 1.4cm pieces of lamb shoulder meat and skewer them onto 25cm pre-soaked bamboo sticks.

Each skewer should have 10-11cm of meat, leaving 1cm bare at the pointed tip. When your charcoal is hot, suspend each skewer directly over it and grill slowly, allowing smoke from the dripping fats to rise. Cooking takes 6 to 8 minutes depending on heat.

The secret to perfect Arrosticini is including lamb fat in each skewer and serving them hot with a generous sprinkling of salt at the end of the cook. An average adult could eat 20 to 30 skewers in one sitting so make many and enjoy them a couple at a time as they come off the grill.

Perfect Home BBQ for grilling Malaysian or Indonesian Satay skewers, French style brochettes, Greek mini souvlaki or kalamaki, Italian Spiedini or Arrosticini.


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