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Hawasabi Sauce

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Wasabi Sauce / HAWASABI Sauce - 80gr glass jar.

Japanese horseradish leaf sauce

Ingredients: olive oil, wasabi leaf, salt, flavour, vitamon B1.

Wasabi is a representative herb of Japan. This sauce was created by adding olive oil to wasabi, which has been used as a seasoning in Japan since olden times. The wasabi in this product is from the Hita region, which is the location of the headwaters of the Chikugo-gawa river in Kyushu, which has long been known as a habitat for wasabi.

Paste from the plant’s leaves, which are less spicy than its root and stalk, are mixed with extra virgin olive oil from Spain. Rich-flavored and healthy olive oil smoothens out the wasabi’s flavor.

The taste is adjusted with mineral-rich salt to create a healthy sauce that even people who don’t care for wasabi can enjoy. This sauce can be used with a plethora of pasta, fish, meat, and vegetable dishes. Also, try mixing it with mayonnaise to create a tasty alternative to tartar sauce or a sandwich spread.

Product of Japan


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