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La CajaChina#2 50kg Roasting Box

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Large Portable Pig Roaster Model #2 .

Roasts Up to 50KG Whole Pig (live weight).

Length: 45" Width: 25" Height: 24" Inside Depth: 12 3/4". Boxes are made of BC Plywood, lined with Marine Grade Aluminum (Size: Length: 121.9cm Width: 60.9cm Height: 60.9cm Inside Depth: 32.3cm)

The La Caja China roasting box Model No. 2 provides the answer for those wondering how to roast a pig that's a hundred pounds or so. In those circumstances where the pig requires a bigger pig roasting box, the Model No. 2 provides the room needed. Of course, if a whole pig isn't on the menu, the Model No. 2 can still handle plenty of meat with a minimum of fuss.

Need some roasted chicken? The Model No. 2 can handle up to 18 of them!

Turkey? Up to six of them at once.

Rib slabs? Ten at a time.

If it can be roasted, slow cooked and seared, the Model No. 2 can handle the load.

The Model No. 2 pig cooker is just what is needed when the backyard can't be dug up for a pit and building a brick oven isn't feasible. Marine-grade aluminum ensures years of durability, while stainless-steel accessories make cleaning up quick and painless. The sturdy construction and portable design make the Model No. 2 the sort of "go anywhere, do anything" cooking implement that can be pulled out onto the patio with hardly any effort or loaded up into a truck bed and hauled out to the middle of nowhere for incredible parties without back-breaking labor.

Size: This is our most popular Roasting box, it can cook up to a 110-pound pig OR 50KG (live weight)

Convenience: You have the flexibility of roasting a small or large Pig, Lamb or Goat

Quality: Made in the USA Spare parts available. Lined with Marine Aluminum

Versatility: 16-18 whole Chickens, 4-6 Turkeys, 8-10 Pork Ribs Slabs, 8-10 Pork Shoulders

The following items are included:

· Large Dripping Pan

· 2 Steel Chrome Meat Racks

· 4 S/S Hooks

· 1 Marinating Syringe

· 6 S/S Metal Handles

· 1 Charcoal Grid

· 1 Ash Tray

· 1 Large Box Handles

· Assembly & Roasting Instructions

When the situation demands a pig roasting box, La Caja China has the right tool for the job.

Whole Pig Worksheet

1. Place the pig between the two racks. Make sure you do not cut or poke holes on the skin side.

2. Use the 4 S-Hooks to hold the pig between the two racks, make sure the racks handle are facing away from the pig.

3. Place the Drip Pan inside the box.

4. Place the pig inside the box, ribs up.

5. Place Ash Pan, to cover the box.

6. Place Charcoal Grid on top of the Ash Pan.

7. Add first batch of Charcoal on top of the Charcoal Grid. You can use self igniting charcoal on the first batch only

7a. If using this type of charcoal, spread the charcoal then lit. This way you will have a more even heat inside the box.

8. Light the charcoal.

9. Once lit spread the charcoal evenly over the Charcoal Grid, the cooking time starts right now, add more charcoal after the hour, you will add 3 more batches of charcoal in the following manner. 1 Hour, 1 Hour, 30 Minutes.

10. After the 3rd Hour, remove the ashes by lifting and shaking the charcoal grid.

11. Place the Charcoal Grid on top of the Handle.

12. Now flip the pig over, to crispy the skin of the pig. This is easily done using our Patented Rack System, just grab the end of the Rack lift and slide as you pull upward.

13. Using the other hand grab the top end of the other rack and slide it down.

13b. Using the other hand grab the top end of the other rack and slide it down.

14. Score the skin using a knife, this helps to remove the fat and crispy the skin.

15. Cover the roasting box again with the Ash Pan and Charcoal Grid, do not add any more charcoal at this time.

16. After 30 minutes, take a peak by lift the Charcoal Pan by one end only. You will continue doing this every 10 minutes until the skin is crispy to your liking.


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