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Asian Flavours

Hawasabi Sauce Hawasabi Sauce
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Wasabi Sauce / HAWASABI Sauce - 80gr glass jar. Japanese horseradish leaf sauce Ingredients: olive oil, wasabi leaf, salt, flavour, vitamon B1. Wasabi is a representative herb of Japan. This sauce was created by adding olive oil to wasabi, which has been used as a seasoning in Japan since olden times. The wasabi in this product is from the Hita region, which is the location of the headwaters of th…
Moshio / Seaweed Salt Moshio / Seaweed Salt
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Seaweed SALT - MOSHIO Collected seaweed is allowed to dry in the sun until salt crystals formed. The crystals are then washed off into vats of sea water, creating a concentrated brine that could be boiled down to yield salt. The beige color and mild seaweed flavor make this salt perfect match with grilled salmon - the salt has the undeniable umami flavor from the seaweed. It is also traditonally s…
Natural Iwate Soy Sauce Natural Iwate Soy Sauce
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Sasachou Iwate specialty soy sauce 500ml Raw soy sauce Made with Iwate Prefecture's raw materials and Hayake Ikeumi spirit Dense soy sauce a unique fragrance and taste. Ingredients: Soybean, Wheat, Rice, Sodium Salt "Iwate prefectural home certification" given to prefectural good products using local raw materials. Made in Japan
Organic Sweet Rice Cooking Sauce Organic Sweet Rice Cooking Sauce
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Organic Mirin Style Seasoning / Sweet Sake Kankyo Yuki Mirin Fu Chomiryo This mirin (cooking sweet sake) is naturally sweet in flavor with a sense of depth that adds richness and luster to your cuisine in a way that cannot be accomplished with sugar. It can be used to add a sophisticated, gently sweet taste to dishes and produces a beautiful luster, attractive finished color, and appealing aroma.…
Tamari Organic Sy Sauce Tamari Organic Sy Sauce
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Organic Tamari Soy Sauce 150ml (Gluten Free) Organic soybeans cultivated by farmers in Akita. Fermented and aged over 2 to 3 years. Ingredients: Soybeans, salt, rice (Rice Shochu) It has a very rich, deep flavor.
We Rub You Gochujan Korean Hot Sauce We Rub You Gochujan Korean Hot Sauce
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GOCHUJANG KOREAN HOT SAUCE This gluten free gochujang hot sauce highlights the ancient Korean fermented red chili pepper paste. It's popularly served alongside bibimbap (Korean rice bowls, often served in hot stone pots), but that doesn't stop us from pouring it on our hot dogs and hamburgers! Use as cooking sauce or condiment. Made in the USA in small batches with all-natural, vegan ingredients.…
We Rub You Spicy Korean BBQ Marinade We Rub You Spicy Korean BBQ Marinade
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SPICY is our 2013 sofiTM GOLD winner. It’s delicious on cod, pork chops or chicken (wings!). And it’s got just enough kick to keep you coming back for more. Use as cooking sauce, BBQ sauce or marinade. Made in the USA in small batches with all-natural, vegan ingredients. NO MSG, high fructose or artificial ingredients. Net weight 15 oz / 426 g. Glass bottled.
Yuzu Kosho / Hot Lime Paste Yuzu Kosho / Hot Lime Paste
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Green Chili Peppers and Grated Yuzu Peels / Hot Lime Sauce Yuzu Kosho Contains Limes (Yuzu), Chili and salt. This is Yuzu-ya’s specialty with taste and flavor! It gives an A-1 great kick to your dish. This relish has great reputation from the gourmet people who are strict on flavor. 90g glass jar


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