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Maple Syrup & Honey

Canadas Best Pure Maple Syrup Canadas Best Pure Maple Syrup
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Use it as an ingredient in your homemade BBQ sauce or glaze when smoking pork ribs or chicken. Can be used to make smoked Maple-cured salmon as well. Flapjacks and pancakes, breads and waffles, there are many things that are improved by a dash or a splash of maple syrup. And since the real thing is packed full of antioxidants, helps with digestion and muscle recovery, and is full of nutrients, it'…
Cosman & Webb Organic Maple Syrup Cosman & Webb Organic Maple Syrup
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250ml Organic Maple Syrup, Amber Rich Taste Amber, Rich Taste | Formally known as Canada No. 1 Medium, or Grade A Amber AMBER RICH TASTE MAPLE SYRUP – Smooth, buttery and velvety in texture. Rich and delicate in taste. Flavours of caramel and vanilla give way to hints of floral, honey and warm spice. Glass bottle.
SmokeyQ Burnt Bees Smoked Honey SmokeyQ Burnt Bees Smoked Honey
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Signature Blend Cold Smoked Honey with Moonshine. SmokeyQ has sourced 100% local honey from beekeepers in Western Australia.The honey is then cold smoked using Murray River Redgum to give it that signature smokey flavour, and then we've added a splash of Crazy Uncle Moonshine from Whipper Snapper distillery in Perth WA. Glass Jar 300g
Vermont Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrel Aged
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Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup After our maple production season, the Dorset Maple Reserve hand selects specific batches of Rich Amber maple syrup that meet our highest standards and ages them in used bourbon barrels. The barrels are hot filled to help draw out the flavor compounds stored in the wood. Then throughout aging process, the flavor compounds are infused into the maple syrup adding hint…
Vermont Maple Syrup Rich Amber Vermont Maple Syrup Rich Amber
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Rich Amber Maple Syrup Responsibility for the exquisite flavor of the Dorset Maple Reserve's maple syrup is credited to the land's limestone based soils that deliver high calcium content water to the undisturbed maple forest. The flavor enhancing calcium softens taste and provides the discerning palate with a remarkable maple treat that is unforgettable. Glass Bottle 250ml Made in USA
Vermont Maple Syrup Smoked & Spicy Vermont Maple Syrup Smoked & Spicy
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Smoked & Spicy Maple Syrup At the Dorset Maple Reserve, select batches of our maple syrup are given a little kick! Infused with smoked Serrano peppers, this maple syrup offers an explosion of flavors!! The Serrano pepper is considered a medium heat pepper and comes in at 8000-18000 SHU. The flavor profile of the Serrano is a crisp, smoky, fruity flavor with citrus undertones and a heat that linger…


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