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Barbecue Fire Starers & Lighters

All Natural Wood/Wax Fire Lighters All Natural Wood/Wax Fire Lighters
10+ in stock
Samba Natural Firelighters - 32 CUBES in a Pack Non-Toxic & Odourless 100% Natural Product Samba Natural Firelighters are made from a combination of saw dust and wax. The natural blend will give you a quick and easy start to your fire. Ideally suited for starting natural wood lump charcoal and wood fires.
BBQ Charcoal Chimney Starter - Gaganis BBQ Charcoal Chimney Starter - Gaganis
10+ in stock
Stainless Steel BBQ Chimney Starter - New Version with Cool Touch Spring Handle Can hold 1kg of natural lump charcoal like Australian Mallee or Imported Binchotan or 2kg of Heat Beads 28cm Tall 17cm Diameter Handle has metal heat shield and 8cm Cool to Touch Spring Metal handle Inside has 9x3cm dia holes for flames to ignite charcoal through Base of Chimney has 7x3cm Dia holes for ventilation.
BGE All Natural Fire Lighters BGE All Natural Fire Lighters
10+ in stock
Popular BGE SpeediLight® All Natural Charcoal Starters come in boxes of 24 convenient squares. Tends to burn a bit longer than cheaper wood/wax starters. They light easily and are odorless and tasteless, with no chemical aromas or residue. Plus, they’re clean, safe and ready to use without the need for any lighter fluid – saving you money and providing a much better result! Made especially for Kam…
Gas Blow Torch w Can Gas Blow Torch w Can
Gas Blow Torch with Butane gas can NW 220g butane can with Blow Torch head. Extra replacement cans also available. Sorry due to combustible nature of this product, it can not be shipped through normal means. Useful for lighting a combustion fireplace, out camping, and a range of handyman and hobbyist functions. The ergonomically designed torch features an adjustable flame, lit with an integrated p…
Gas Lighter Bend Neck Gas Lighter Bend Neck
Only available in store due to dangerous goods requirements needed when shipping via the post. BBQ Gas Lighter with 130mm long Bendable Neck Refillable Moulded Body
Japanese Style Charcoal Starter Japanese Style Charcoal Starter
In stock
Painted steel charcoal chimney starter with wood handle. Use to hold hard to light Binchotan charcoal over a gas stove flame. 33cm from tip to end of handle Dia 14cm and 5cm deep. Hand held charcoal stater can hold Binchotan charcoal and heated over a kitchen or outdoor Gas BBQ flame. Once Binchotan is well lit, place charcoal carefully in grill.
Natural Wax Paper wrapped FireStarters Natural Wax Paper wrapped FireStarters
Out of stock
FYRO Firestarters are all natural wood pulp cubes wrapped in wax paper. 24 small cubes in a pack. Light the paper at the top. The little pack will burn under your charcoal to light. Has a long burn time - use a 2 or 3 to start your charcoal. Remember aways make sure you see a flame from the starter when starting charcoal - else the starter will snuff out if buried in charcoal with no air.
Piezo Ignition Torch w Black Stand Piezo Ignition Torch w Black Stand
10+ in stock
Piezo Ignition Micro Torch Perfect for lighting smoking pellets in smoke tubes or trays or Smokai. Ideal for brazing, silver soldering, jewellery work, heat shrinking, plumbing and general hobby work. Includes bonus stand. Features: - Adjustable flame. - Portable. - Use NA-1020 butane gas refill. - Size 155mm high x 35mm dia tank. Ignition : Piezo Spark Flow Control : Dial Safety Lock for Storage…
Small Butane Gas Torch Small Butane Gas Torch
In stock
Refillable Butane Gas Blow torch ideal for lighting BBQ Firestarters/kindling or for lighting pellets in BBQ Smoking tubes/trays. No gas supplied - you must fill yourself. Gas refill cn not be posted as its regarded as dangerous goods. Size 120x74x47mm
Sureburn Natural Firelighters Sureburn Natural Firelighters
Out of stock
Sureburn Firelighters are the eco-alternative to petroleum based firelighters. Made with all natural plantation sawdust and vegetable wax products, they are safer for you and your family and better for the environment. - made from all natural wood and wax products - clean and safe to handle - doesn't crumble into fine pieces when broken or handled. - no smelly or oily residue that can taint your B…


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