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Carson Rodizio Kit Carson Rodizio Kit
2 in stock
Carson Rodizio Kit Sits On Your Grill Converting it to Churrasco Brazilian Style BBQ. The Carson Rodizio is a rotisserie kit that converts your barbecue grill and backyard kitchen into a Brazilian style Steakhouse. If your gas grill has a grill gate minimum 33cm (13")  wide x 46cm (18") long and the lid can open up above 38cm (15") tall then you're in luck because the Carson Kit can most likely fi…
19cm Wide Charcoal Skewer Grill 19cm Wide Charcoal Skewer Grill
13 in stock
Catering Quality Charcoal Skewer Grill for Skewered Sausages, Kebabs, Inihaw or Souvlaki Skewers. Stainless Steel Custom design - Made in Italy Designed for grilling 30cm long skewers - 2cm tip to rest on edge of grill + 19cm of meat on the skewer that sits over the charcoal + 9cm handle remaining so your fingers are well away from the hot sides of the BBQ. Approximatelly 24 Skewers will fit in th…
Ferraboli Freestanding Skewer Grill LONG Satay Charcoal BBQ Stainless steel body Ferraboli Freestanding Skewer Grill LONG Satay Charcoal BBQ Stainless steel body
7 in stock
SKEWER GRILL LONG Satay Charcoal BBQ Includes Chrome Satay Double Bar + Chrome Grill Assembled size 115x14x67cmH Now you can cook your favorite short skewers without burning your fingers! Treat your family and friends to a skewer feast - as finger food or even as a main course! They will love the idea and enjoy watching you cook and serve hot skewers straight off the grill.   These narrow charcoal…
Auto Turner 20 Skewer Charcoal BBQ Auto Turner 20 Skewer Charcoal BBQ
12 in stock
Twenty Skewer Autoturner Charcoal BBQ with Battery Rotisserie Motor. Stainless Steel narrow grill with turner bar and motor - holds 20 individual bamboo skewers (must be 3mm dia and 25 to 30cm long). Will not hold metal skewers. Length is 80cm and width of grill is 12cm - will only hold mini skewers / Arrosticini / Satay style bamboo round skewers. Long legs included bring the grill to standing hi…
Backwoods Smoker Chubby 3400 Backwoods Smoker Chubby 3400
4 in stock
Backwood Smoker Chubby 3400 Introducing the Chubby 3400, Backwoods Smoker's first retail line smoker for the backyard warrior! It is the smallest and most portable Backwoods cooker, and despite its small size this smoker delivers incredible cooking results. Weighing in at 50kg, you can take your Backwoods with you, be it away to the holiday house, along in your camper van , or just in your own bac…
BBQrs Delight Pellets - Contest Mix 9kg BBQrs Delight Pellets - Contest Mix 9kg new
9 in stock
Pecan and Cherry sawdust mixed in with Oak before pelleting. BBQr's Delight Contest Mix wood pellets infuse food with a flavour that goes brilliantly well with about anything.. Made famous by some of the top pit masters, Contest Mix has a clean smoke with great colour and flavour on your smoked foods. Use by itself for just about any type of food. - 9 kg bag
CUBO - skewer making box. CUBO - skewer making box.
In stock
"CUBO" Skewer Making Box  - Make 100 Skewers at a time. Imported from ITALY! Used to make Traditional Arrosticini. WOW your family and friends next time with a skewer party with these bite size morsels - especially if you have a skewer charcoal BBQ which then makes it fun and exciting to watch and eat. This clever box is designed for 1 person to make 100 skewers at a time and all you need is bambo…
13 in stock
Ferraboli Kebab Charcoal Barbecue - NEW Design. Body made in Stainless Steel with ventalation holes, and double wing nut bolted painted steel legs for extra stability. Heavy chrome grill top included and an internal steel grid to lift the charcoal off the base. Features - Grill Size Area is approx 74cm Long x 25cm Wide. This is idea for Kebab or Kafta Skewer Grilling. - BBQ Size 80cm long x 27cm w…
Fireboard 2 Kit Fireboard 2 Kit new
3 in stock
FIREBOARD 2 Introducing FireBoard 2, the newest member of the FireBoard family. Easy to setup and install on your wireless network, the FireBoard® pushes realtime temperature updates via the cloud to apps for iPhone, Android, and the Web. The FireBoard® supports up to 6 external temperature probes which provide accurate and reliable temperature monitoring in many different environments and applica…
FYRO Binchotan White Charcoal 2.5kg FYRO Binchotan White Charcoal 2.5kg
In stock
Binchotan White Charcoal - 2.5KG Box Made from specially selected hard wood that is dried and hand-stacked into brick ovens where the temperature is meticulously controlled at 4 stages (200°C, 400°C, 550°C,900°C) over a span of 8 weeks. Finally, air is let in rapidly so heat spikes to reach an intense 1200°C. This permanently alters the charcoal’s internal structure – forming Binchotan and giving…
FYRO Binchotan-Style Fruit Wood Compressed Log Brixs 10kg FYRO Binchotan-Style Fruit Wood Compressed Log Brixs 10kg new
In stock
FYRO BINCHOTAN-STYLE COMPRESSED FRUITWOOD CHARCOAL LOG BRIQUETES 100% Natural Compressed Fruitwood Sawdust Charcoal Briquette in Log form that cooks with impeccable heat, over hours and hours. - Hardened Log Briquettes through a process similar to traditional Binchotan charcoal production. - Stackable in your BBQ to facilitate easier lighting (can be lit with natural firelighters under a stack) -…
FYRO Coconut Charcoal Pillow Briquettes 10kg FYRO Coconut Charcoal Pillow Briquettes 10kg
In stock
FYRO Super Premium Coconut Charcoal Made from eco-friendly crushed and compressed coconut shells, with exceptional burning qualities and great for lasting through those long grilling sessiona. - 100% All Natural - Sustainably-sourced (from coconut waste shells) - Contains no nasty minerals or chemicals, and uses vegetable starch binder. - burns slow with minimal flareups or large flames. - Low Ash…
Green Mountain Grill Jim Bowie PRIME+ WiFi Grill 12v Green Mountain Grill Jim Bowie PRIME+ WiFi Grill 12v new
1 in stock
GMG JIM BOWIE PRIME PLUS+ LAST ONE IN STOCK INCLUDES - 1 x 9kg Bags of Hickory Flavour BBQrsDelight Pellets  - 1 x 9kg Bag of Contest Mix BBQrsDelight Pellets - 1 x GMG Prime Cover for Jim Bowie - 1 x GMG Rotisserie Kit - 1 Bonus BBQ Starter pack with accessories (see image)  Jim Bowie Prime PLUS+ WiFi in Black hood by GMG FEATURES ADDED - Rotisserie mounts for optional Rotisserie Kit purchased se…
PICNIC portable charcoal BBQ - 40x30x11cm travel case PICNIC portable charcoal BBQ - 40x30x11cm travel case
37 in stock
Ferraboli PicNic Charcoal Barbecue No nuts or bolts - with minimal parts which all folds out and slots in quickly Take anywhere design.... for the park, camping trip or just for home when you feel like cooking over charcoal! Setup is easy - fold out the tube legs, unclip the latch and open lid. Take out the side supports and slot in to hold the lid as a windbreak. Start your charcoal on the intern…
SMOKAI 1ltr Smoke Generator SMOKAI 1ltr Smoke Generator
5 in stock
Convert Your Hooded BBQ, Wine Barrel or Box into a Smoke House! SMART EXTERNAL DESIGN - CONSTRUCTED IN STAINLESS STEEL - MADE IN NEW ZEALAND: THE SMOKAI 1-LITRE SMOKE GENERATOR IS THE PERFECT FOOD SMOKING COMPANION The Smokai 1-Litre Smoke Generator is perfect for turning your hooded BBQ/Grill into a quality smoker. The Smoke Generator can be retrofitted to any suitable food safe structure: a BBQ,…
Tornado Rosso Portable Charcoal BBQ. Grill Size 49x28cm Tornado Rosso Portable Charcoal BBQ. Grill Size 49x28cm
22 in stock
Ferraboli Tornado Rosso Charcoal Barbecue Clever designed charcoal BBQ in painted steel, ideal for picnics, camping or for pulling out of the shed when you feel like a BBQ. Packs away as a case for easy storage or for travel. After assembly, this BBQ has folding legs and slot-in side supports making it quick and easy to set up or pack away. The chrome grill has handles to allow you to move the gri…
Yoder Smoker YS640s Standard Cart with second shelf + heat management plate + ACF50 spray can Yoder Smoker YS640s Standard Cart with second shelf + heat management plate + ACF50 spray can new
OUR BEST SELLING PELLET SMOKER USE BOTH IN DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL COOKING Yoder Smoker YS640S on Standard Cart With second internal shelf + 2 peice heat management plate + ACF50 spray can American Made Yoder Smokers are known for their iconic Offset Wood Smokers with that rustic surface patina look on the metal surface. Yet if you prefer to maintain the painted surface coat, we are putting in a b…

Aussie barbecue culture really started to evolve back in 2010 when the Australian dollar hit parity with the US for the first time in its history. What followed was many Australian's travelling overseas and many travelled to the US to discover American style low and slow. Australians seemed to suddenly have a craving for authentic smoked Brisket, Pork Ribs and Pulled Pork!

As more of us travelled, the more of us came back wanting that authentic taste of wood and smoke. But Australia didn't have the same cuts of meat, the variety of smokers, easy access to smoking hardwood or even low and slow barbecue competitions as seen in the US. Many however did start to watch BBQ Pitmasters as well as watching Youtube channels like BBQ Pit Boys to gain knowledge and understanding of what the Low and Slow BBQ movement was all about.

Australia's first BBQ event was in Adelaide back in 2012 but it really didn't take off until 2014 when Port Maqcquarie hosted the first Australian BBQ competition on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. Then in 2015, Melbourne hosted the first US sanctioned KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) BBQ competition. Then following into early 2016, Sydney saw its first two major competitions back to back. These events saw huge interest and solidified to many, that American style low and slow was here to stay.

Well known smoker brands like Yoder Smokers, Green Mountain Grills, Backwoods Smokers, Louisiana Grills and Big Green EGG started to appear together with Australian owned brands like Hark, which has dominated so far in the entry to intermediate level on the competition circuits.

Now, competition barbecue pit masters look for more rubs, sauces, injectors, thermometers and quality hardwoods to get a competive edge. Meanwhile more new beginners and enthusiasts have taken interest and aspire to one day have the best smoked brisket or Pork Ribs amongst their peers in their own backyards.

What we like to say is to give it a go and invest in a quality barbecue from us! We are sure you will never look back when you realise how easy it is to cook flavourful food for all to praise you on your work.


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