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Carson Rodizio Kit Carson Rodizio Kit
11 in stock
Carson Rodizio Kit Sits On Your Grill Converting it to Churrasco Brazilian Style BBQ. The Carson Rodizio is a rotisserie kit that converts your barbecue grill and backyard kitchen into a Brazilian style Steakhouse. If your gas grill has a grill gate minimum 33cm (13")  wide x 46cm (18") long and the lid can open up above 38cm (15") tall then you're in luck because the Carson Kit can most likely fi…
Ferraboli Freestanding Skewer Grill LONG Satay Charcoal BBQ Stainless steel body Ferraboli Freestanding Skewer Grill LONG Satay Charcoal BBQ Stainless steel body
In stock
SKEWER GRILL LONG Satay Charcoal BBQ Assembled size 115x14x67cm Courier Delivery Anywhere in Australia or Pick Up Only in Leichhardt NSW.  Now you can cook your favorite short skewers without burning your fingers! Treat your family and friends to a skewer feast - as finger food or even as a main course! They will love the idea and enjoy watching you cook and serve hot skewers straight off the gril…
Backwood G2 Party Water Smoker Backwood G2 Party Water Smoker
1 in stock
SHOWROOM DISPLAY - includes wheels BACKWOODS G2 PARTY Water Smoker - MADE IN LOUISIANA USA Holds approximately: 16 to 20 slabs of baby back ribs 6 to 9 large briskets 6 to 9 pork necks or Boston Butts This smoker has 6 heavy duty racks that are 23 inches (58cm) deep, and it can also hold a full size steam table pan. It comes standard with a heat diverter, the fire and ash pan are on rails for easy…
Backwood Party Water Smoker Backwood Party Water Smoker
2 in stock
BACKWOODS PARTY Water Smoker - MADE IN LOUISIANA USA Holds approximately: 10 to 12 slabs of baby back ribs 4 to 6 large briskets 4 to 6 pork necks or Boston Butts The party unit is a great mix of size and portability, giving you the option to use this cooker in competition, or for simple backyard smoking. The height of the smoker will let you do a variety of meats. It features a removable water pa…
Backwoods Chubby 3400 Backwoods Chubby 3400
26 in stock
Please note we require permission to leave at the front door if not home. Backwood Smoker Chubby 3400 Introducing the Chubby 3400, Backwoods Smoker's first retail line smoker for the backyard warrior! It is the smallest and most portable Backwoods cooker, and despite its small size this smoker delivers incredible cooking results. Weighing in at 50kg, you can take your Backwoods with you, be it awa…
Barbecue Big Smile Barbecue Big Smile
22 in stock
Charcoal fueled Fire bowl on short support stand with cooking grill - Barbecue Big Smile Chrome grill is 43cm in diametre with fold out handles so you can access the charcoal below during a cook, or fold over the grill when in storage. Wire stand support is 23cm tall and keeps the bottom of the fire bowl off the ground. In the bowl is also a small fire grid that divides the base to allow some airf…
Barbecue Pegaso Barbecue Pegaso
2 in stock
The advantages of the Pegaso barbecue are its convenient height and width, its ash pan and its stainless steel inserts. PEGASO is fitted with a very large 74×35 cm chrome food grill, extensively protected by side cover shields on three sides that also provide support and can be positioned at three heights. The advantage of Pegaso, in addition to its large food grill, is its stainless steel: the pa…
Barbecue Vertigo Basic Barbecue Vertigo Basic
29 in stock
VERTIGO Basic Rectangular barbecue with a 56×35 cm grill. Vertical fire cooking. VERTIGO, Basic version, has a good sized 56×35 cm cooking area, while behind and beneath this cooking area has two placements for charcoal or wood heat - this is so you can alternate between vertical or horizontal grilling. You get two chrome steel cooking grills- one is a wire chrome basket to hold food in a verticle…
CDN BlueTooth Probe Thermometer CDN BlueTooth Probe Thermometer
12 in stock
CDN presents its Bluetooth® Dual Probe Thermometer & Timer (BT482). Designed to link to mobile iOS and Android devices via an exclusive CDN app, it provides the convenience of remote control and monitoring of cooking times, temperatures and more. The CDN app uses Bluetooth® Smart (Bluetooth® 4.0) and is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later (iPhone or iPad) and Android 4.3 or higher. The new app comes…
CDN Dual Sensor Probe - Oven/Grill CDN Dual Sensor Probe - Oven/Grill
61 in stock
The new Dual-Sensing Probe Thermometer/Timer (DSP1) is the first in the CDN line to measure both the temperature of the oven and the temperature of the food being cooked. Ideal for monitoring roasts and other meats in the oven or on the barbecue, this multitasking tool is designed for efficient cooking, flavorful results and food safety. The Dual-Sensing Probe Thermometer/Timer allows the user to…
CDN Folding Thermocouple Thermometer WHITE CDN Folding Thermocouple Thermometer WHITE
14 in stock
CDN presents the quick, precise and handy ProAccurate® Folding Thermocouple Thermometer (TCT572) featuring a highly durable design that is water resistant, shatterproof, and is manufactured with BioCote®, an antimicrobial agent. With its 1.5 mm thin tip, large digital readout and easyto-press buttons, this NSF® Certified thermometer has rapid response for accurate temperature measurements in a wid…
Double Sided Skewer Grill with 120 Auto Skewer Turners Double Sided Skewer Grill with 120 Auto Skewer Turners
8 in stock
Double BBQ - 120 Self-Turning Skewers Assembled size 1.65m L x 12cm W x 98cm H Standing Height BBQ for Business or Home Parties. Perfect to use for Festivals, Events or for Market Stall Business Owners. Grill 120 bamboo skewers at a time on this imported professional catering charcoal grill. These narrow charcoal grills can be used for Malaysian or Indonesian Satay skewers, French style brochettes…
ITALY Inox Barbecue 37x41cm Grill area. ITALY Inox Barbecue 37x41cm Grill area.
1 in stock
Multi-level grilling and multi-positional rotisserie roasting option Compact and functional Charcoal BBQ made in Italy Rear wood box allows timber to burn and smoke rise away from cooking area but providing glowing embers which fall and to be positioned under the grill. You can also remove the inside firebox cover and add an optional rotisserie to roast with indirect heat from the fire. Chrome Gri…
Long 150cm Short Skewer Charcoal Grill with 60 Skewer Auto Turner Long 150cm Short Skewer Charcoal Grill with 60 Skewer Auto Turner
13 in stock
Auto-Turning 60 Short Skewer Charcoal BBQ Assembled size 1.5m L x 12cm W x 98cm H High Quality Standing Height BBQ with 60 Skewer Turners driven by motor Perfect to use for Festivals, Events or for Market Stall Business Owners. These narrow charcoal grills can be used for Malaysian or Indonesian Satay skewers, French style brochettes, Greek mini souvlaki or kalamaki, Italian Spiedini or Arrosticin…
Louisiana Grill LG900 with Bonus Cover Deal Louisiana Grill LG900 with Bonus Cover Deal
4 in stock
Limited Offer - Free Cover whilst stock lasts. Louisiana Wood Pellet Grills - Series 900 Wood Pellet Grill A timeless classic, this cook everything grill is known for its heavy duty construction & cooking versatility. It�s the only grill you�ll ever need. BURN TECHNOLOGY Indirect/Direct Flame Cooking with Standard Flame broiler Fuel Type: 48,000 BTU Full Stainless Steel Burn Grate Fan Forced Conve…
Planet INOX Barbecue (PRO Charcoal/Natural Wood) Planet INOX Barbecue (PRO Charcoal/Natural Wood)
6 in stock
Made in 430 Stainless Steel Body FEATURES Suspended Rear Wood Burning compartment allows you to "rake" hot embers for total cooking control by expert barbecue chefs. Large grilling area of 110 x 40cm. Dimensions once assembled is 175 x 58 x 96 (h) cm. Double Ash drawer. One side "swing-up" shelf and wheels for easy storage when not in use. Chromed Grill sits on two support rods that can be adjuste…

Aussie barbecue culture really started to evolve back in 2010 when the Australian dollar hit parity with the US for the first time in its history. What followed was many Australian's travelling overseas and many travelled to the US to discover American style low and slow. Australians seemed to suddenly have a craving for authentic smoked Brisket, Pork Ribs and Pulled Pork!

As more of us travelled, the more of us came back wanting that authentic taste of wood and smoke. But Australia didn't have the same cuts of meat, the variety of smokers, easy access to smoking hardwood or even low and slow barbecue competitions as seen in the US. Many however did start to watch BBQ Pitmasters as well as watching Youtube channels like BBQ Pit Boys to gain knowledge and understanding of what the Low and Slow BBQ movement was all about.

Australia's first BBQ event was in Adelaide back in 2012 but it really didn't take off until 2014 when Port Maqcquarie hosted the first Australian BBQ competition on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. Then in 2015, Melbourne hosted the first US sanctioned KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) BBQ competition. Then following into early 2016, Sydney saw its first two major competitions back to back. These events saw huge interest and solidified to many, that American style low and slow was here to stay.

Well known smoker brands like Yoder Smokers, Green Mountain Grills, Backwoods Smokers, Louisiana Grills and Big Green EGG started to appear together with Australian owned brands like Hark, which has dominated so far in the entry to intermediate level on the competition circuits.

Now, competition barbecue pit masters look for more rubs, sauces, injectors, thermometers and quality hardwoods to get a competive edge. Meanwhile more new beginners and enthusiasts have taken interest and aspire to one day have the best smoked brisket or Pork Ribs amongst their peers in their own backyards.

What we like to say is to give it a go and invest in a quality barbecue from us! We are sure you will never look back when you realise how easy it is to cook flavourful food for all to praise you on your work.


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