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Tools for Grills

14inch Grill Brush 14inch Grill Brush
Out of stock
GRILL BRUSH/SCRAPER - Moulded Handle - Stainless Steel bristles and scrapper. - 330mm long
Barbie Hotplate Liner Barbie Hotplate Liner
Out of stock
Non-stick and Reusable, Food-Grade BBQ HotPlate Liner Contains 1 400x500mm PTFE Sheet that is washable and dishwasher safe (top rack only). Do not use over direct flame or heat source. Store sheet rolled up. Do not use when heat is above 260C.
BBQ Basting Brush BBQ Basting Brush
In stock
Silicon BBQ Basting Brush 30cm long. Brush tip 3cm wide Great to brush on garlic butter whilst grilling a steak, adding BBQ sauce on ribs or sweet sauce on chicken peices.
BBQ Champ Spatula BBQ Champ Spatula
Out of stock
Stainless Steel BBQ Spatular with bottle top opener and sausage pricker. Hard Plastic handle. 35.5CM long. 12cm Wide Blade.
BBQ Cleaning Brush 37cm BBQ Cleaning Brush 37cm
32 in stock
Coiled stainless steel brush for cleaning BBQ grills. 37ccm long with plastic handle.
BBQ Spatula 20cm BBQ Spatula 20cm
44 in stock
Stainless Steel BBQ Spatula with wooden handle. 20cm long and 10cm wide. Good scraping off grease or getting under meats that gets stuck on the the grill.
BBQ Spatula 30cm BBQ Spatula 30cm
47 in stock
30cm Long stainless steel Spatula with wooden handle. Blade is 5cm wide. Ideal for scrapping and cleaning grills or hotplates. Use to slide under foods stuck to the grill or for turning sliced onions.
BBQ Spatula 32cm BBQ Spatula 32cm
44 in stock
BBQ Spatular in Stainless Steel with wood handle. 32cm long and 7cm wide blade. Great for flipping or use as a scraper tool on the grill.
BBQ Spatula 33cm BBQ Spatula 33cm
45 in stock
BBQ Spatula in stainless steel with wooden handle. Total length 33cm + 8c wide blade Ideal for flipping burgers or scrapping grease from the surface of your grill.
BBQ Spatula Wide 16.5cm BBQ Spatula Wide 16.5cm
46 in stock
Wood handle Stainless Steel BBQ Spatula with edge flaps to act as a scoop. Total width is 16.5cm and lenght is 30cm. Big wide area to flip and move burgers or scoop up onions off the hotplate.
BBQ Tongs BBQ Tongs
Out of stock
Stainless Steel LOCKING TONGS with soft rubber grip handle 380mm long Dishwasher safe.
Ferraboli Chestnut Tumbler in Stainless Steel. Battery Motor and chrome stand Ferraboli Chestnut Tumbler in Stainless Steel. Battery Motor and chrome stand
In stock
CHESTNUT TUMBLER for Gas Stove or BBQ Wok Burner "TOSTA Castagne" With "D" Cell Battery Motor and Cradle Tumble Roast Chestnuts MADE IN ITALY Dry roasting Chestnuts over a stove or grill is both simple and nutritious. Compared to other nuts, chestnuts contain less fat, calories and oil, making them easier on the digestive system. Rich in vitamin C, iron, calcium and zinc, chestnuts are also gluten…
Fireup PYROGRIP 200g Squeeze Bottle Fireup PYROGRIP 200g Squeeze Bottle
7 in stock
Fireup PYROGRIP Fireplace Adhesive/Sealant nett 200g Part #: 1021 Dries ridgid (not for filling cracks) Withstands thermal shock For fibreglass rope installation Non Asbestos Rated up to 1200C Use for repairing broken and damaged fire places and Wood Stoves. Australian-made Colour: Cream
Fish Spatula Fish Spatula
4 in stock
Gasmate Barb-i-cad Gasmate Barb-i-cad
Out of stock
Barb-I-Cad Holds paper towel, utensils and condiments so that you have everything close at hand at your next barbeque. (condiments and accessories not included) Keeps everything together & handy Convenient Easy to carry The ultimate accessory for those serious about their barbeque! Model BCAD10 Material ABS Plastic Due ti continual product development the product shown may differ slightly.
GrillGrate Detailing & Scraper GrillGrate Detailing & Scraper
6 in stock
The GrillGrate Detailing Tool & Scraper Handy little tool to help clean those hard to reach places on your GrillGrates. Perfect for maintaining the interlocking joints where carbon tends to accumulate. Also works really well at keeping the holes in the GrillGrates open. For occasional use on the tops of the rails for removal of those stubborn little bits a grill brush won't remove. Works really we…
LED BBQ Handle Light LED BBQ Handle Light
Out of stock
LED BBQ Light - Dual Mounting with Clamp or Magnetic Base. C-Clamp fits 15mm dia to 35mm dia BBQ Handles/Boat Rails/Poles 10000 hours LED Life 30 Lumens of brightness up to 100 hours alkaline battery life Requires (not included) 3 AA batteries
Magic BBQ Cleaner & Degreaser Magic BBQ Cleaner & Degreaser
11 in stock
Magic BBQ Cleaner & Degreaser™ Strips grease, grime, oil and food deposits from your BBQ plates and grills with ease - 500ml Magic BBQ Cleaner & Degreaser™ has been formulated to strip grease, grime, oil, and food deposits from your BBQ with ease, leaving it looking like new. Unlike many other BBQ Cleaners, Magic BBQ Cleaner & Degreaser™ is food safe and biodegradable. Magic BBQ Cleaner & Degrease…
Satin Enamel Roasting Dish with Lid Satin Enamel Roasting Dish with Lid
Out of stock
Gasmate 320 x485mm Deep Dish Design with Lid Durable Satin Enamel Finish - Plate, Grill & Dish - Fry, Bake or Roast
Scissor BBQ Tongs Scissor BBQ Tongs
41 in stock
Scissor Tongs with white PVC white grip 40cm long total length. Use to turn sausages, wings or steaks. Made in China
Small Cedar BBQ Grill Scrapers Small Cedar BBQ Grill Scrapers
Out of stock
14" WOOD Scraper for cleaning grills without chemicals or harsh brushes. Cedar Grill Scraper is designed to mould to the grilling surface of your barbecue. A few careful strokes over the grate on your barbecue, set to medium/high heat, will create a pattern on your scraper that will allow easy and complete cleaning of your grill each time you prepare it for grilling. No chemicals, scratching abras…
Tongs Stainless Steel 11.5inch Tongs Stainless Steel 11.5inch
38 in stock
Basic Stainless Steel Tongs 11.5inches or 29cm Long. Light weight tongs for salads or grabbing hot sausages off the grill.
Tongs Stainless Steel 12inch Tongs Stainless Steel 12inch
38 in stock
Tongs in stainless steel, 12 inches / 30cm long with push lock at the top to open or close. Good length for turning sausages or grabing steaks from the grill.
Tongs Stainless Steel 12inch plastic handle Tongs Stainless Steel 12inch plastic handle
61 in stock
Tongs in stainless steel with plastic handle on sides for cool holding. 30cm / 12 inches long. Has push lock at the top for openig and closing tongs. Ideal when cooking close to heat and some protection from heat conducted through the steel.
Tongs Stainless Steel 16inch Tongs Stainless Steel 16inch
18 in stock
Tongs in Stainless Steel - 41 cm / 16inch long with push lock to open and close. Long tongs for use on hot grills. Or use these to move hot charcoal around -  note tongs with direct heat contact can warp and discolour.
Tongs Stainless Steel 7inch Silicon Tipped Tongs Stainless Steel 7inch Silicon Tipped
95 in stock
Stainless Steel 7 inches or 18cm long Tongs with Silicon tiped gasping claws. Ideal for picking up small items, like serving opened oysters or scallops, lemon slices or ice cubes.
Tongs Stainless Steel 9inch Nylon Tongs Stainless Steel 9inch Nylon
63 in stock
Tongs in stainless steel with nylon tipped grasps. 9inches or 23cm long. Great for serving at the table.


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